Make a purchase of credit for investing – Single Loan

It happens that after having accumulated several loans, one does not have enough margin to realize other projects. Indeed, financial organizations are reluctant to grant additional credit to a borrower with an already high debt ratio. It is then that the credit redemption appears as the best alternative to give a breath of fresh air to a financial situation!


A buyout of credit to invest in other projects


Credit redemption is a financial transaction that involves the collection of several outstanding loans into a single loan. These loans can relate to a set of consumer loans and mortgage loans. The repayment of the new loan spread over a longer period, then allows a reduction in monthly payments. As the amount of monthly payments, the debt ratio will also be seen lower, which gives more room for your budget. Not to mention that the borrower will be easier to manage his finances with a single credit.

A decrease in the debt ratio will make it possible to obtain other financing from a credit institution. The borrower will be able to invest in other projects that are important to him as a purchase of equipment or work. There is also a craze for rental investment among a large number of individuals. Indeed, investing in the rental is now considered a good investment to increase future income. Thus, it may be appropriate to include a home loan to finance a rental investment in its purchase of credit. Do not hesitate to seek the advice of a specialized expert to determine the profitability of this operation.


Compare credit buy offers on the market


Realizing a simulation makes it possible to get an idea about its future credit redemption. Information on current loans and the borrower’s income will be requested. And we will have a clear overview of the terms of the new single loan (amount of monthly payments, duration of credit, cost).

It will then be easier to see the scope of the repurchase transaction on the borrower’s situation. Simuler also makes it possible to find a loan buyback offer adapted to its expectations. The online comparator provides a list of specialized buy-back organizations from which the borrower can choose. Note that a simulation is free and does not engage in anything.