Consumer Loan Credit: less and less sought?

During the last quarter, there was a noticeable decrease in consumer credit subscribed by 1%. An event that, in 4 years, was unequaled. The details !


Disturbing data


Figures collected by the ASF at the level of 285 funding organizations confirm this observation. Indeed, over a twelve-month period, loans in general show a significant decrease, estimated at 0.2%. Consumer credit, in particular, totaled only 3.2 billion euros in January.


Personal credits in first place

Personal credit

In general, personal loans do not necessarily require the borrower to justify the use of borrowed funds. These loans are in a dominant position in this decrease. A situation that does not make financial institutions smile, since these loans are among their first sources of activity.

Indeed, personal loans account for no less than 30% of the total production of consumer loans. For banks in particular, the personal loans contracted in January 2019 show a net total of 985 million euros. This means a decrease of almost 4%, compared to the contracts recorded in January 2018.

What should be noted is that such a decrease does not concern only personal loans. Renewable credits, too, experience some flexing. According to the ASF, at the end of 2018, there was a decline of nearly 6%, which has become more and more marked since the beginning of 2019: almost 4 %.


Financing used cars at the shelter


Loans associated with the acquisition of used cars, they are not affected by this decline. On the contrary, loans made to finance the purchase of second-hand cars have indeed increased by more than 10% in twelve months, about 325 million euros in January. Like this, leases for the purchase of used vehicles jumped 30%.

As a reminder, this sector had received funding of more than 40 million euros. Nevertheless, this situation does not allow him to rank on the same line as the most frequented activities. With regard to the credits granted for the purchase of new cars, the figures are rather stagnant.

They regularly report stable statistics. The credits contracted as well as the LOA transactions showed at the beginning of the year, an amount amounting to nearly 675 million euros.